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Looking for a Birthday Party that offer Something Different?
Kids FASCINATION for REAL science!

Try Science Made FUN, to have the most FUN and Unforgettable Birthday Party ever. We do Hands-On science experiments and shows that are safe and exciting for Kids ages 4-11. We have plenty of Themes to choose from Super Heroes launching rockets, to Panning for Gemstones, and excavating dinosaur eggs, and all the theme are FUN for everyone! All Parties last for One Hour and will be animated by our Highly Trained Scientist that can make your Party Amazing. Each Party, includes Five Hands-On activities topped with some WOW experiments. We also have a Science related physical activity for a truly unforgettable experience. A science certificate for each child and a fun science gift for the Birthday Kid. We make sure to capture the kids Interest and they also learn in a FUN FUN way.

You can also Customize your party by adding additional hands-on activities or you may choose to enhance your party with one of our truly amazing shows.

We will help you Organize the Most Exciting Birthday Party Ever because here, We Make Science More FUN!

  • All Prices includes 20 invitation cards (digital or printed as per your requirement).
Kids FASCINATION for REAL science!

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Birthday Party Themes

Superhero Space Blast Party

Transform into your favorite super hero and blast off with an amazing rocket launch. Test your super power strength with your elephant toothpaste, lunar long jump, and tug-of-war competitions. Take a victory lap around the moon but beware of power surging slime ad erupting geysers. Our super hero space blast party is out of this world!

Dinosaur Party

Travel back in time to the age of the dinosaurs! Dig deep as we excavate, observe and make our own fossils to keep! Break out your magnifier as we hunt for the elusive dinosaur egg. Erupt volcanoes and geysers! Avoid the lava flows and don’t get stuck in the icky sticky slime pits! This party is so amazing, book now before our available dates become extinct!

Panning with Gems Party

This party will leave you dazzled! Search for and keep your very own precious gemstones – you might even find gold! Get to the core of our experiments while making a lava lamp, erupting volcanoes, and getting icky sticky with our lava-like red slime! Join is on our scavenger hunt as you never know what amazing treasures you might find!

Crazy Chemistry Party

Our parties are exploding with hands-on, FUN, Science! Experience chemical reactions like never before, as we make our own lava lamps, go fishing for ice cubes, create your own gummy candies to eat, get icky sticky with our secret slime recipe, and erupt amazing volcanoes! And no party would be complete without a bit of fun competition with exciting activities like tug-of-war, running races, and our very own Lunar Long Jump!

Prism Princess Party

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, what’s the best birthday party of them all? Enter the royal realms through your bubble castle. Dub your prince a royal knight with your very own princess wand! Enjoy the fanfare of your kingdom with gifts of rainbows and multi-colored flowers. Discover treasures beyond your wildest dreams and float among the clouds!

Doctor Scientist Party

Calling all future doctors! Join us as we experiment with real knee hammers and stethoscopes. Explore the world of vaccines and see if you can win our organ challenge! Make your very own red blood lava lamp and plasma slime to keep! A visit to the doctor’s office has never been this much FUN!

Activities and Extra Services

  • MORE Hands-On Activities
  • Color of Light Tube
  • Glittering Tube
  • Plaster Fossils
*Each Activity is good for 15kids/300 AED and 15 AED for each additional Kid.
  • MORE Group Fun Activities
  • Rocket Launch
  • Plasma Ball
  • Elephant Toothpaste
  • Sprite Sprinkler
  • Volcano Eruption
  • Mentos Geyser
  • Air Bazooka Game
  • Bernoulli’s Air Bag
  • Van Der Graaff Hair Raising
*Each Group Activity is good for 15 mins/150 AED.
  • Party Extras
  • Party Theme Helium balloons 15pcs/ 120 AED
  • Goody Bags (contains 7 Fun items related to the chosen theme)
    • For 15 kids / 525 AED
    • For 30 kids / 750 AED
  • Cake (size) 500 AED ideal for 20 kids.
  • Extra Services Price per unit AED
  • Big Tent (3m x 5m)
    • 650 AED
  • Small Tent (3m x 3m)
    • 400 AED
  • Finger foods good for 15 kids (175 AED for each variety)
    • Small Pizza
    • Small sandwiches
    • Crepes/chocolates
    • Small cupcakes
  • Popcorn Maker
    • 550 AED
  • Candy Floss Maker
    • 550 AED
  • Bubble Machine
    • 330 AED
  • Face Painter
    • 440 AED
  • Piñata
    • 550 AED
  • Clown
    • 825 AED
  • Professional Photographer (with 200 softcopy photos)
    • 2000 AED
  • Chairs and Table
    • 20 AED per chair
  • Table for Food and Display
    • 50 AED each

Terms and Conditions

  1. 50% Advance payment, 50% balance upon completion. All deposits are non-refundable.
  2. Payments can be by:
    • CASH
    • Bank Transfer to account # 1015191381601,
      IBAN# AE76026000101591381601,
  3. We can pick-up advance payment (30 AED charge).

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