Special Events

We provide exceptional shows to animate your events!!!

All shows are educational and reinforce the scientific method in a FUN way! We interact with kids and use only safe materials!

We can serve at:

  • Science Festivals
  • Hotel / resort kids club
  • NGOS / associations for kids
  • Kids special festival
  • The mall to drive traffic
  • Parks and all special venues
  • Corporate events

We also give back to the community, we can animate shows and workshops at Hospitals ( ex. at AL Jalila Hospital) and also for charity events ( Yogafest, Pace center ) Call us for more info!!

Please contact us for more info:

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Show Examples

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Let’s Have a Party!

Join us as we inflate balloons, get crazy hairstyles, play party games and more, all while learning about the scientific method.

Science Made Fun launches “Let’s have a party” the first science show of its kind in the Middle East. Go beyond dry ice and fire explosions to find how fun science experiments can really be!

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The Power of Air

This Show is about the air being a powerful force that it is. It is one of the forms of matter. You may not be able to see it but you can feel it and it packs a lot of force!

We have fun experiments showing high and low pressure, how much force does air have, make things fly and create a human vacuum!

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Fun with Physics

This Show is all about having fun with physics that you can do with kids and parents doing it using household items!

They can be swinging water, make a human table, drop an egg into a glass without moving it, the science of suction, the classic table cloth trick revealed and walk on eggs! So Exciting!

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Shock and Mix

This Show is about chemistry and electricity all in one show! This is literally a hair-raising show where we let them feel static electricity and show some cool chemical reactions.

We can try elephant toothpaste, flying film cannisters, and even a volcano-like eruption or more!

In-School Workshop

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Special Events

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