In-School Workshops

Serving All Schools in Dubai Science Programs and can adapted to all curriculums.

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After School Programs

Our programs provide a fun, creative and non-competitive environment.

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Book one of our High Touch High Tech Sizzlin' Science Camp programs.

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Birthday Parties

Science experiments for a safe, fun-filled, two hours of adventure.

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Exceptional Children

Science is made for all and we would like every child to enjoy it in a FUN way.

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Special Events

Let your child enjoy one hour of FUN experimenting with science!

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This is who we are,
and what we do

Kids FASCINATION for REAL science!

Science made fun is a Global leader in hands-on science education for kids! Now in Dubai!

We facilitate STEM fun for kids. Our programs provide an opportunity to expose kids, at an early age, to the amazing world of science and nature. Science is fun for kids, and valued by parents and teachers. Our programs enhance the science curriculum and make it come to life through elementary in school "field trips", preschool programs, after school programs, summer camp programs, mini-camps and birthday parties .

Science made fun also called High Touch High Tech brings fun, hands-on science experiences to elementary schools, preschools, birthday parties, after school programs, corporate events and camp programs!

We offer a wide range of hands-on science programs covering the physical, life, and earth sciences for children ages 3-12. There are programs covering nearly every major science content area. Let your children see science made fun through hands-on experiences like exploring electricity, making machines, seeing plant seeds in action, and much more!

Discovery Learning

  • Children are engaged in exciting STEM projects that encourage them to explore the many wonders of science.
  • We come to you and bring the science experiments to school.
  • Our elementary education science experiences will excite your students, and develop a lifelong love of science.
  • We encourage discovery style learning and inquiry based dialogue centered on scientific method!

20 years of credibility in the science education field!

  • Over 4 million participants annually
  • More than 750 School Districts served annually in the US
  • Operating 30 franchise locations in 15 countries including:
    United States, Canada, Turkey, Singapore, South Korea, Qatar, Vietnam, Morocco and NOW IN UAE.
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What makes us unique in the science edutainment field!

Highly qualified team of scientists
  • BSE holder degree
  • Fully trained on field / school environment
  • Trained by Global Headquarters representative on style and content of the programs

Benefit from US franchise support
  • 20 years of expertise in the "edutainment" field and "Know HOW"
  • More than 1000 programs available to fit any science topic - tested and proven successful

Provide science education experiences that are both meaningful and memorable
  • All science experiments are hands on and not SHOWS
  • Kids get to "Make and Take" their experiments home
  • All materials are safe & age appropriate and sourced from US

We give back to our community
  • Participate in many charity events (animating Children Hospitals, Special need centers, YogaFestival for charity)
  • We believe that “we don’t give to get but we give to inspire kids!” specially in difficult situations

Our Programs are curriculum based
  • Programs can be easily adapted to any school curriculum by age group (grade from KG1/FS1-Year5/6)

Our students, schools and parents say

"The education of our people is a great wealth. We are proud of our educated nation because through knowledge and science we will open the horizons of a glorious future."

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